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július 2019
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Rembrandt exhibition in the Museum of Arts

2009.05.22. 17:26 SI

Rembrandt: The Denial of Peter

Geniuses and Masterpieces VIII: Dossier exhibition

30 April 2009 – 1 June 2009 

One of Rembrandt’s main works, the painting entitled The Denial of Peter is the focal point of the Museum of Fine Arts’ next dossier exhibition. The painting with a biblical theme will arrive in Budapest from the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam and will be exhibited in the Geniuses and Masterpieces series along with thirteen works selected from the Museum of Fine Arts' own collection. The exhibition forms part of the Dutch cultural festival “Nothing Is Impossible” and will be open to visitors until the end of May.

The Museum of Fine Arts began a series of special dossier exhibitions in the centenary year of 2006, in the framework of which it displays a selection of masterpieces from the biggest and most prominent museums of the world that had never previously been exhibited in Hungary. Each dossier exhibition of the Geniuses and Masterpieces series is organised around a centrepiece work and presents a theme from a fresh perspective. This is the objective of the present exhibition too, which primarily draws attention to Rembrandt’s magnificent painting. The permanent exhibition on the second floor of the Old Masters' Gallery with its 240 systematically arranged Dutch paintings helps the visitors to acquire a greater understanding of the Dutch painting of the period.

Rembrandt was one of the geniuses of the Dutch “golden century” and indeed in the history of European art. The Denial of Peter, dated 1660, originates from his mature period. The main and monumental figure of Peter the Apostle, wrapped in a light-coloured cloak, becomes recognisable in the light of a candle.
In the exhibition, a painting by Jan Miense Molenaer and two engravings based on a picture by Daniel Seghers demonstrate how other masters elaborated the story some decades before Rembrandt's painting.

Linked to the theme of The Denial of Peter, some Rembrandt etchings and engravings have been selected from the Museum of Fine Arts’ Collection of Prints and Drawings for the exhibition. Rembrandt elaborated some of the scenes of Christ’s Passion in several of his graphic works. The viewer is drawn into deep contemplation by the master's plates which vary in their dimensions and modes of expression and are experiments in various technical solutions.

The curator of the exhibition is Ildikó Ember, the director of the Museum of Fine Arts’ Old Masters' Gallery.
Information on the programme of the Nincs lehetetlen Holland Kultfeszt (Nothing Is Impossible Dutch cultural festival) can be found at